Dean Acevedo

Dean Acevedo has been involved with music since childhood. He began to be involved with pop music as a teen playing with local groups He also studied music in college.
He began writing songs 10 years ago. Recording at home, then eventually releasing a
studio CD in 2000. He's had the opportunity to work with some wonderful musicians and producers.
His first CD has attracted much attention. Chicano radio and others stations across the country and worldwide have played it. Especially “Como Friegas Mujer" and “Jail for Christmas" which earned him a loyal prison following.
He’s been #1 on Tex-Mex charts, and also on other internet charts. His songs have been featured on the the MTV show “Made” and also on the show “Trailer Fabulous”. Recently the documentary film "America the Punchline" is using two of his songs, "Como friegas Mujer" and " Lazy Days".
Currently he’s doing solo/acoustic shows and working with the Garza family who play on his new CD “Chicali”. The new CD is creating quite a buzz in Tejano/Country genre.

Lately Dean has branched out into acting. Look for him on TV and Film.


Title Time Bitrate Cost
N/A Como Friegas Mujer 3m 49s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Jail for Christmas 3m 14s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Hold on Child 4m 39s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A She Talks Incessantly 4m 8s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Girl You Drive Me Crazy 2m 38s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A She Talks Incessantly 1m 31s 32 kBit/s $1.50
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